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A mean wearing overalls looking down with an overlay of a portion of a computer screen that shows Cortex Push feature.

Introducing Cortex Push – The next horizon in decarbonization

What's New in Cortex

Are you looking for a way to implement energy-saving recommendations ...

Cortex selected as an approved contractor for Con Edison Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) pilot program

What's New in Cortex

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence, announced today as an approved contractor for ...

Cortex Makes User Interface More Accessible, Deepening Their Commitment to a Behavioral-Driven Model

What's New in Cortex

Our product team is excited to announce the newest change ...

Cortex Building Intelligence Announces Name Change to “Cortex Sustainability Intelligence”

What's New in Cortex

Cortex has rebranded to reflect the fastest and lowest cost ...

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