Cortex selected as an approved contractor for Con Edison Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) pilot program

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Cortex Sustainability Intelligence, announced today as an approved contractor for Con Edison’s Real-Time Energy Management (RTEM) pilot program.

The pilot program offers incentives to cover up to 50% of an RTEM system and service costs for implementing operational energy conservation measures.

What is an RTEM?

RTEM is a combined hardware and cloud-based software solution to continuously track equipment performance and identify energy savings opportunities. Implementing recommended measures can reduce energy and maintenance costs while increasing operating efficiencies.

The key elements of RTEM are:

  • Collection and visualization of building data from energy-consuming systems.
  • Data analysis energy information systems (EIS) to identify issues and operational ECMs.
  • A process for implementing operational measures based on analytics and verifying savings.

Cortex and Con Edison

Cortex is pleased to drive energy efficiency in New York as an approved contractor for the Con Edison RTEM pilot program.

“Across the board, building owners feel pressure to demonstrate operational efficiency. Our machine learning platform analyzes millions of data points to identify granular operating recommendations and strategic energy conservation measures. The result is a substantial reduction in emissions and energy savings,” said Owen Glubiak, VP of Revenue, Cortex

Cortex is also an NYSERDA RTEM+ Tenant 1.0 and National Grid RTEM and EMBCx vendor.


Con Edison’s RTEM program provides incentives to cover up to 50% of RTEM systems and service costs over three years. For a property to qualify, its building must have commercial use with at least 300kW of average peak electrical demand and must have an existing Building Automation System (BAS) or Building Management System (BMS).

“The majority of things you can do to significantly reduce your carbon footprint cost millions of dollars,” commented Owen Glubiak, VP of Revenue, Cortex. “By implementing an energy monitoring and optimization platform, you can reduce your carbon footprint and deliver operational savings immediately. Thanks to incentives provided by Con Edison, building owners and operators are relieved of some of the implementation costs.”

A limited number of projects will be accepted into the RTEM Pilot Program.

Learn more about eligibility requirements here.

Ready to explore the pilot program?

For more information about Cortex’s decarbonization platform and eligibility requirements for the Con Edison RTEM pilot program, please reach out to our Account Executives.

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