Introducing Cortex Push – The next horizon in decarbonization

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A mean wearing overalls looking down with an overlay of a portion of a computer screen that shows Cortex Push feature.

Are you looking for a way to implement energy-saving recommendations more efficiently? Introducing Cortex Push – the next horizon in decarbonization. 

Launched today, Cortex Push enables building engineers to make changes to their Building Management System (BMS) directly from the Cortex platform. This new feature amplifies energy and cost savings and empowers building engineers to implement operational best practices day in and day out.

Building automation is part of a sustainable future

In the current era of climate change, it’s increasingly important to make sure that commercial real estate (CRE) is reducing its carbon footprint. Faced with personnel changes, manual operating processes, and the rising complexity of building operations, automation is a key part of this effort.

Cortex Push is AI-enabled automation that allows building teams to drive daily operations directly from Cortex. With just one click, you can now seamlessly review, schedule, and publish commands to your BMS and implement energy savings recommendations.

Hand holding a phone in the foreground showing the Cortex Push feature. Two computers in the background.

It’s easier with Cortex Push

Easier to follow operational best practices

Close the loop from recommendation to action. Cortex Push helps engineering teams implement granular, equipment level recommendations every day to achieve energy savings at scale.

Cortex Push makes it much easier for engineering teams to act on our recommendations and get the most out of their existing equipment.

Zack Nelson, Senior Vice President of Product Development, Cortex

Easier to use

Push operational changes directly from Cortex to the BMS with the click of a button. Whether you’re at your desk or on your phone – day or night – implementing operational strategies is quick and easy. No manual coding or programming required. 

It’s easy. Instead of me starting the building everyday – Cortex starts it. I can still do what I need to do if it’s already 80°F at 3:00 am and, the rest of the time, I can simply push it out.

Greg Alton, 11111 Sunset Hills’ Chief Engineer

Easier to make informed decisions

Trained on trillions of data points from our unique database of office buildings, our AI will help your team make better decisions to achieve your decarbonization goals. We help spot patterns, make predictions, and act on energy-savings suggestions. You decide what actions fit your building best and implement them instantly with Cortex Push.

Maximize the investments you’ve already made towards reducing your carbon footprint by making it easier than ever to follow operational recommendations with Cortex Push.

A screen showing building start up recommendations on a gradient green background.

How it works

Cortex Base Building Intelligence watches your building’s operations to provide smart, data-driven recommendations that optimize efficiency. Cortex Push lets you review and publish these recommendations in a single click. No coding or programming experience required. 

Not going to be online? Schedule changes in the future with Push Scheduling and enjoy your time away. 

Energy saving has never been this easy!

Ready to turn recommendations into reality with a single click?

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint, drive consistent implementation of energy-savings strategies, and reduce operational costs? Cortex Push is the perfect one-click solution and an exciting step forward on the path to decarbonization. We look forward to seeing how you use it to transform the environmental viability of commercial real estate!

Ready to automate your operations? Contact our decarbonization experts for a personalized demo.

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