Go beyond basic energy monitoring

Everyone’s looking for energy efficiency, but budgets are tight. Use more data and tailored recommendations to run your building smarter.

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Do better than yesterday. Every day

You’re already driving energy efficiency. Cortex can help you continue to cut energy waste and cost—more easily, with more certainty, and without disruption to tenants.

Maximize tenant comfort and satisfaction
Get ahead of tenant comfort issues with predictive alerts.

Reduce operating costs
Get to temperature with less energy and spot waste in BMS faults and schedules.

Stay ahead of issues
Alerts help you identify spiking outdoor temperatures, equipment left running overnight, and more quickly.

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Building engineering teams trust Cortex

“I like Cortex because it’s easy to use. It’s on my phone, I just click into it and everything comes up. I can see tomorrow’s start time. It shows our electricity and steam usage. It’s very easy to navigate through.”

Mark Trio

Chief Building Engineer, Savanna

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Drive operational efficiency

Pair your experience with the power of machine learning to drive continuous efficiency.

With our action-orientated platform:

Leverage thousands of data points streaming from your BMS, meters, utility bills, grid, and tariff, and enrich them with occupancy and hyper-local weather data.

Identify and act on real-time energy efficiencies with specific recommendations.

View your building and operational KPIs at a glance.

Prove the impact you’re having.

“Before Cortex, I was driving blind. It gives me great, instantaneous feedback about what’s happening in the building.”

– Chief Building Engineer

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Move from reactive to proactive

Stay ahead of tenant complaints and sidestep unexpected energy costs with visibility into operational issues before they escalate.

Using Cortex allows you to:

Enhance tenant comfort by actively monitoring temperature against lease obligations.

Prevent energy waste by proactively addressing issues like faults or set point misalignment.

Catch consumption anomalies.

“When a tenant makes a comment about the temperature in their area, I can look at the app right in my hand to see if the AC units are doing what they are meant to be.”

– Building Engineer

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Lower costs

You know you’ll hear from the team if your energy costs go up. Set the stage for success with persistent commissioning that keeps you below the line.

Continuous commissioning lets you:

Cut energy waste with ‘push to accept’ automation that streamlines startup and shutdown.

Stay under your building’s monthly peak with specific recommendations and immediate load-shedding alerts.

Minimize monthly, grid, and utility peak costs with in-platform demand management.

“It’s all about the bottom line—dollars and cents. Cortex helps saves energy which makes both the owners and the engineers happy.”

– Director of Operations

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Built for building engineers by building engineers

Intuitive mobile app

View your operating performance in seconds through a mobile app, no matter where you are in the building.

Industry-leading insights

Get easy-to-action recommendations based on the way your building actually runs.

Expert support

Partner with our building analytics and energy experts to implement best practices.

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Cortex FAQs

There’s a reason building engineers use Cortex. It makes your job easier. Our energy insights platform is designed to help you meet lease obligations and improve operational efficiency—simply. Here are just a few of the features that make that possible:

  • Daily insights help you make day-to-day decisions on how to run your building better. From startup and shutdown to demand peak management and chiller coasting, granular data points drive informed decisions.
  • Seasonal insights allow you to keep track of performance and setpoint recommendations to get your building ready for the next season of operations.
  • Portfolio-level reporting makes it easy to track the success of your building operations and progress toward ESG goals.

The best way to know if Cortex is right for you is to get a demo! Ask for a demo today.

We help you release thousands of unused data points to continuously fine-tune your HVAC performance. For example, our platform responds to real-time temperature changes to keep your tenants comfortable while using the least amount of energy. If there is a sensor issue, we’ll alert you before your tenants do.

No. You don’t need to upgrade your sensor or replace your equipment. We integrate with your existing equipment and your building’s BMS. Our platform helps building teams drive savings from day one with no disruptions to operations and low upfront costs.

Most buildings will need to purchase new equipment to meet all of their carbon reduction goals. Many buildings make that purchase earlier than necessary.

Our platform can help you optimize how you use your existing equipment, so you make that investment at the right time. When it’s time to make the purchase, we’ll help you decide what equipment you need and provide you with the data to back up the expense.

No. Our solution is designed to combine the power of AI with the experience and skills of building engineers.

We’ll help you process thousands of data points and make suggestions on how you can operate your building more efficiently. Backed by your knowledge of the building, you decide whether to implement the recommendation.

No. Our platform is excellent at aggregating thousands of points of data, spotting patterns, and making recommendations, but you know your building best.

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