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Your no-sweat solution to improve your building’s energy efficiency and keep tenants comfortable, developed with engineers in mind.

Our Cortex Community

Approximately 95% of Cortex clients believe in our mission and recognize the value of our platform – and renew their subscription year after year.

The Cortex installation and customer success teams did a flawless job getting the system up and running in one of the most demanding environments in the industry. Early results are both positive and promising.

Paul Rode

Head of US Engineering at Tishman Speyer

Not only have we found Cortex to be extremely cost effective, but its environmental and sustainability benefits are also shockingly large. Having Cortex in place at our properties certainly gives us a valuable jump start as far as the steps we need to take to meet the new emissions requirements in New York.

Nick Bienstock


Cortex is poised to change the game for commercial building operators and the climate industry in general. I could not be more proud or excited to be supporting the Cortex team in that journey.

Dan Malven

4490 Ventures Managing Director

Building Analytics capabilities like Cortex are a powerful complement to broader sustainability strategies. The software provides immediate efficiency gains by helping engineers more precisely manage existing equipment and provides actionable insights that are very easy for building engineers to implement, resulting in measurable savings.

Dana Robins Schneider

a Senior Vice President at Empire State Realty Trust

The Tool You Need to Make Your Job Easier

Our no-sweat software provides a painless path to help you reduce building energy usage while keeping your tenants happy. You’ll have real-time data and recommendations right at your fingertips to make it easier to run your building, meet your operating goals, maintain tenant comfort, and avoid energy peaks.

Easy-to-use Mobile and Desktop Platform

Our developers have worked directly with engineers like you to create a machine-learning platform that gives you the data and tools you need to make it easier to do your job.

Empowering Confident and Informed Decisions

Have confidence in avoiding costly energy peaks and extra energy usage by making informed decisions with our real-time data access and operating recommendations.

Reduce Tenant Complaints

Access real-time data to proactively anticipate issues in your building and keep tenants happy before they even have a chance to complain.

Balance Tenant Comfort and Energy Efficiency With Ease

Get real-time data and recommendations right at your fingertips through your choice of mobile app or desktop software. At your desk or on the go, get the insight you need simplified through recommendations developed to help you balance energy efficiency, tenant comfort, and operating costs with ease.

Keeping Engineers at the Heart of Operations

Enough worrying about energy peaks, anticipating tenant comfort, or installing and learning new equipment. We know that at the heart of your building is you – and it can’t run without you. Think of Cortex as your data-informed assistant; we’re here to do the heavy-lifting for you and make your job easier every step of the way.


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Retention From Our Clients

Reducing Energy Usage and Operating Costs, One Recommendation at a Time

Commercial buildings create 45% of all carbon emissions. So it’s no surprise that the building engineers who hold the keys to building operations are at the forefront of reducing energy and carbon impact, too. Our platform is your fast and easy solution to making your day-to-day responsibilities simple, all while contributing to reducing carbon emissions and building a better future for all.

Improve Your Office Building’s Energy Efficiency

Using your current equipment, our data-driven software helps you save on costs and energy without added sensor or operation disruptions. Our platform analyzes BMS data, meter data, billing history, occupancy information, detailed weather forecasts, and more to learn how your equipment responds under different operating conditions. While other solutions may push you right towards equipment upgrades, with Cortex, you can optimize your building’s existing equipment, now.

Built for Building Engineers

At Cortex, our goal is to make the job of the engineer easier. We understand the stress and pressure that you’re burdened with, and we’re proud to have been able to relieve that pressure for clients such as Eddie Valdez, Chief Engineer of 277 Park Avenue in New York City.

Highly respected in the engineering community, Eddie Valdez was an early-adopter of Cortex and has played a pivotal role in providing feedback that has shaped the way we’ve built and evolved our machine learning platform. In close collaboration with Property Manager Paul Green, Valdez and his team deployed Cortex after recognizing the need to improve efficiency and reduce costs of their building’s operations. Since deployment, they have realized savings of approximately $700,000 in energy-related costs.

Valdez attributes these savings to features in the Cortex app such as the energy consumption charts for electric and steam and recommendations for startup and shutdown times.

My favorite [feature] is the energy demand — they give you nice feedback through the app that gives you on-demand information for how the building is performing

Eddie Valdez

We’re honored to serve as a dedicated partner to engineers like Eddie as we work together in our shared mission of reducing carbon emissions and increasing tenant comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Purchase Additional Equipment or Upgrade Any of My Existing Equipment to Use Cortex?

Nope! There are no required upgrades to your equipment and no need to invest in any additional sensors to use Cortex. We have spent nearly a decade building a platform that learns the intricacies of your existing equipment in order to empower your engineers with the insight and recommendations they need to get the most out of the equipment you already have. This means no disrupting operations, and no huge capital investments for new equipment, hardware, or sensors required.

What Will Cortex Look Like in My Everyday Operations?

With Cortex, you have full control over your building operations while we provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. Cortex offers operations recommendations every day that will help you streamline the start and finish of your day. Our platform also provides you with critical data and graphs to help you understand how your building operations are working at any given moment throughout your work day. If you have seasonal or quarterly responsibilities, Cortex will also help you keep track of performance and setpoint recommendations to get your building ready for the next season of operations.

Does Cortex Control or Automate Anything in My Building?

No, our platform does not automate or control any part of the equipment in your building. At the heart of your building is YOU — you know your building better than anyone, which is why we’ve built a platform that provides you with recommendations to help make your job easier. We do the heavy lifting and take the burden off your back for how and when to make your equipment run more efficiently.

How can Cortex help me maintain and improve tenant comfort?

Your building system provides thousands of data points that are unused. Our platform gives your building operations access to that data, and makes real-time recommendations to keep floors the right temperature for tenants while reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain that temperature. If there is a problem with one of your sensors, Cortex can help your engineers identify the problem before tenants complain.

What Happens if I Don’t Agree With Your Recommendations?

As the person or team who runs your building each day, we truly believe that you know your building best. Our recommendations are based on data points such as BMS data, meter data, billing history, occupancy information, and detailed weather forecasts to help you reduce your building’s carbon emissions and limit your energy costs. But, at the end of the day, you know what is right for your building at any given time. We’re here to serve as your dedicated partner in reaching your goals and making your job as easy as possible – if you disagree with your recommendations, we want to hear it! We offer several easy options for providing real-time feedback to our engineering team and our customer success teams. Once we receive your feedback, we’ll work with you one-on-one to determine how to move forward to continuously provide the best recommendations possible.

Will Cortex Keep Me from Ever Having to Buy New Equipment?

Most buildings will, at some point, need to purchase new equipment to recognize all of their carbon reduction goals. However, most buildings purchase new equipment before it’s even necessary. That’s where we come in.

We help you optimize the equipment you have now for faster and better results without having to make these investments before it’s necessary. And when the time comes, our experts will work with you closely to help you determine exactly what equipment you’ll need to buy in the future – and we’ll help provide you with the data you need to justify that expense.

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