Creating a Meaningful Culture

At Cortex, we’re building a culture that centers around leading with empathy, creating a more sustainable world, and encouraging peer appreciation. We are dedicated to creating a safe space where everyone feels heard and welcomed. Our goal is for our team to feel excited about coming into work each day — all while having the opportunity to leave a positive impact on each other and the environment. 

Our Core Cultural Pillars


Human-first means we prioritize empathy in every interaction. We treat everyone, whether internal or external, as a human first.

We lead with empathy and are dedicated to treating everyone with respect and understanding. By offering professional development coaching sessions, providing unlimited PTO while also encouraging each other to use it, and having slack channels dedicated to sharing personal updates and photos, we take interest in each other’s well being. We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise and support each other through it.


Purpose-driven means that, as a company, we are striving for something bigger than us. As individuals, we are not working to work; we are working to make strides towards creating a better future for our planet.

Our goal is to leave the world in a better place than we found it. We are not only dedicated to helping our customers reach net zero carbon emissions, but we focus on reducing our own impact by going paperless, collaborating with sustainable third-party suppliers who provide us with recycled materials, and providing flexible, remote work schedules.

One Team

One team means that we work together, across teams and across the org chart, because we know that if we hope to accomplish our goals, we need to support one another to get there.

We strive for greatness, hold each other accountable, and celebrate our wins. Each month, we recognize one of our teammates’ actions and accomplishments through our employee-nominated Star of the Month award during our all hands meeting. We also take great interest in each other’s work and like to have fun together. Our employee-led Culture Committee organizes two Hackathon events each year to collaborate in person and spend quality time together with activities — like kickball tournaments and pool parties — that allow us to connect over interests outside of our work.

Our Team

Haris Shafiq Headshot

“I camp or hike most weekends, and having the planet as a resource to use like that is really important to me. If it’s too hot, too wet, or too on-fire to use, I don’t know what I would do.

Cortex is what I do most. I spend eight or nine hours [every weekday] here. Spending that time giving back to the thing that gives me the most joy is what I care about.”

– Haris Shafiq, VP of Product

“During Covid, [CEO Bryan Bennett] took a full pay cut, which helped the rest of us continue to get paid. Not a lot of people were doing that at the time, and it really showed me that he cared about his company and employees. He is a great example of a good leader and someone who cares about the people he works with.”

-Compton Tudor, Integrations Engineer

Compton P. Tudor Headshot

Looking to Join Our Team and Take Action in Preserving Our Planet?