Take control of your energy outcomes

Stop treating energy as a fixed cost. Gain visibility into how each building in your portfolio is performing so you can operate them smarter.

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Unlock operational excellence

Seize every cost and emission reduction opportunity with targeted energy recommendations, data-driven analyses, and reporting that keeps you in regulatory compliance.

Deliver on your corporate goals
Align activities at the building level with corporate goals, so your teams are focused on the right work.

Lower operating costs
Give your building team a practical, day-to-day blueprint to squeeze every last kilowatt out of your buildings.

Mitigate risk
Stay in compliance with regulations and avoid facing huge fines or marketability issues with tenants.

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Leading asset managers trust Cortex

“Cortex is probably the cheap, easy, actionable first step every building owner should use to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Nick Bienstock

CEO and Co-Founder, Savanna

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Know what’s happening in your buildings

What gets measured, gets managed. Reinforce accountability and drive compliance with insight into your buildings.

Using Cortex allows you to:

Monitor engagement with energy-saving measures.

View portfolio performance and building-level detail at the click of a button.

Unify your team with unlimited logins.

Control who sees what with role-based permissions.

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Optimize use of resources

Create value through reduced expenses. Low- and no-cost energy strategies help you continue to make progress in a capex-constrained environment

With our action-orientated platform:

Identify and act on real-time energy efficiencies.

Prevent energy waste and tenant complaints by proactively catching and addressing issues.

Uncover billing errors, data gaps, and building changes with bill comparison reports.

“It’s hard enough to buy at a good value, we need to create value through operating expenses. Cortex helps us do that.”

– Asset Manager

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Improve marketability. Avoid fines

Tenants, investors, and regulators demand action. Accurate, reliable data proves you’re making meaningful progress and minimizes fine risk.

With our data-driven platform, you can:

Meet increased demand for sustainable buildings.

Create comprehensive reports and charts that align with your KPIs and reporting needs.

Export data to meet external reporting requirements like Energy Star and GRESB.

Easily track and share data that supports compliance.

“We don’t want to greenwash or push random targets – we want to deliver data-driven analysis to our investors.”

– Asset Manager

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Purpose-built for asset managers and operating teams

Superpower your team

Software doesn’t decarbonize buildings. People do. Empower your engineers with an easy-to-use platform that works the way they do.

Track progress

Track the implementation of energy efficiency recommendations tailored specifically to your buildings.

Get expert support

Give your team a boost. Cortex’s energy experts partner with your team to amplify impact.

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Cortex FAQs

Our view is simple: the most bang-for-your-buck energy management dollars that can be spent are those that put actionability and visibility in the hands of the people capable of changing how your building uses energy: your building engineers. In a landscape of top-down, reporting platforms, Cortex provides real-time, validated recommendations that drive action and operational excellence. content.

Absolutely not! No need to invest in new sensors or equipment replacements. We seamlessly integrate with your current equipment and BMS. Our platform empowers building teams to start saving from day one without any operational interruptions and with minimal upfront expenses.

With Cortex leveraging your current equipment and data, results typically roll in shortly after system setup, usually within three to six months. Many of our clients witness savings that double their fees in the first year, and skyrocket to five times their fees by year three.

Cortex delivers automated monthly reports on usage, costs, and energy savings, along with executive summaries showcasing your long-term savings trends. Accessible anytime through the Cortex dashboard, these reports are designed to keep you informed. Plus, our dedicated customer success team is always available to walk you through the results.

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