Finally, energy insights that drive action

Take control of your energy outcomes, optimize operations, and maximize asset value with an actionable energy insights platform for office portfolios.

Empower your teams with building-level insights

Change what’s happening in your building today with validated, easy-to-action measures that empower your operating teams to drive continuous efficiency.

Harness your existing data and add a layer of intelligence to your BMS.

Run your building more efficiently.

See what’s happening in real time.

Built for engineers by engineers.

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Reduce risk and boost asset performance with portfolio insights

In a landscape of mounting expectations, achieving sustainability targets and mitigating regulatory risk is non-negotiable. Increase visibility, accountability, and governance with a single source of truth.

Drive operational excellence.

Identify energy leaders and laggards.

Make meaningful progress on your ESG goals.

Avoid regulatory fines and increase marketability.

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Trusted by commercial real estate leaders

The Cortex installation and customer success teams did a flawless job getting the system up and running in one of the most demanding environments in the industry. Early results are both positive and promising.

Paul Rode

Head of US Engineering, Tishman Speyer

Cortex is poised to change the game for commercial building operators and the climate industry in general. I could not be more proud or excited to be supporting the Cortex team in that journey.

Dan Malven

4490 Ventures Managing Director

Intuitive energy management for Class A & B office buildings

Add a layer of intelligence to your BMS with energy insights to run your office buildings smarter, available on any device.

Supercharge your operating team

Marry the boots-on-the-ground experience of your operating teams with validated, granular operating recommendations.

Validate the impact of energy efficiency

Help teams translate between cost, carbon, and energy intensity metrics and prove the impact of the energy conservation measures with accuracy.

Reduce costs with persistent commissioning

Proactively catch and address issues to prevent energy waste and tenant complaints.

Fast-track your cost reductions

Minimize monthly, grid, and utility peak costs with in-platform demand management and peak shaving.

Stretch your budget with integrations

We elevate the performance of more than 30 major BMS brands with an added layer of intelligence.

Proven results for reporting

Export data for sustainability and compliance reporting at the click of a button.

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Unlock energy efficiency in three easy steps

Connect to your building’s data

Build a precise understanding of your building by connecting to your proprietary data.

  • Operating schedules and recovery times
  • Weather changes and sun load
  • Daily building traffic and holidays
  • Tariffs, bill data, and budgets
  • Regulatory standards and incentives

Analyze thousands of data points

Synthesize real-time data so you know what’s happening in your building today.

  • Pure software and data approach
  • Continuous learning, predictive AI
  • Machine learning model trained on trillions of office building data points

Act on energy recommendations

Take action on asset-specific recommendations throughout the day.

  • Morning startup
  • Operations during the day with setpoint and peak demand management
  • Afternoon coasting with airside turndown and chiller coasting tools
  • Overnight operations
Cortex energy dashboard on iPhone

Software doesn’t decarbonize buildings. People do.

We don’t just deploy our technology and step back. Our dedicated customer success team is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Get off to a great start

We’ve helped commercial real estate teams of all sizes get value from Cortex quickly.

Accelerate success

Our energy experts partner with you to establish benchmarks and identify additional efficiencies.

Get the support you need

Connect with a Cortex energy expert by email or phone.

Support beyond the software

Cortex FAQs

Sustainability targets are easier to achieve when everyone is invited to collaborate. That’s why Cortex offers unlimited seats to allow every stakeholder in the process, executives, sustainability leaders, and operating teams, to collaborate on a single platform. This aligns your teams with thorough and auditable insights into the efficiency of your operating approach.

From replacing LEDs to installing new chillers to upgrading the building envelope, there are myriad ways to improve energy efficiency in your portfolio. The easiest and most cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and emissions is through technology-driven operational excellence. An energy management system (EMS) like Cortex adds a layer of intelligence to your BMS to allow you to move from basic energy monitoring to energy optimization.

Learn more about how technology can drive operational excellence.

There are four broad areas where our software can support your operating team in driving energy efficiency at your building:

Morning startup recommendations identify the optimal start time each day and confirm that the recommendations are followed. Using real-time data and machine learning, our recommendations are typically more aggressive than your BMS allowing you to come to temperature at the right time rather than hours before.

Daily operational monitoring through tools like the Duct Static Pressure Setpoint Analyzer helps building teams understand if AHU setpoints may need adjustment so the building runs at peak efficiency.

Afternoon coasting recommendations provide building engineering teams with clear guidance on when to scale back operations on specific pieces of equipment like AHUs.

Overnight operations are a significant area of opportunity for most buildings. Cortex helps identify and address energy usage outside of lease obligations to reduce equipment runtime and energy waste.

The best way to know if Cortex is right for your building engineering team is to have a demo. Ask for a demo today.

Cortex is a low-cost, quick-out-of-the-blocks approach to energy efficiency. As a software-first solution, we typically see results roll in within three to six months of setup. Unlike top-down platforms, we empower the change-makers in your building, your building engineers, with real-time, validated recommendations that drive action.

Drive energy efficiency in your portfolio

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