Accelerate Your Decarbonization Journey

Accelerate profitable decarbonization and take control of your carbon journey, empowered by the most impactful real-time machine learning recommendations.


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Decarbonize Your Portfolio Faster With Real-Time Recommendations + Insights

Commercial buildings are responsible for 28% of all carbon emissions — which is even more than the auto industry. This is why our team at Cortex has developed our machine-learning decarbonization platform — providing asset- and portfolio-level insights into the impact of your energy management activities while your engineers receive unique and proactive recommendations to guide the most efficient day-to-day operations — all at the tap of a finger.

Accelerate Your Decarbonization Journey

Reduce your assets’ energy usage faster by unlocking the highest-impact operational improvements through our platform’s real-time recommendations and 24/7 analysis.

Grow as an ESG Leader

Join the most innovative leaders in real estate, create a meaningful impact on our communities and our planet, and become an industry leader in sustainability while Cortex drives continuous meaningful CO2 and energy usage reductions as your long-term decarbonization partner.

Empower Your Team with Data-Backed Improvements

Whether it’s everyday operations or long-term projects, our recommendations — guided by our top-of-class data sources and proprietary machine learning algorithms — provide your teams with the actionable insight they need to directly impact your bottom line.

Enable Your Portfolio to Lead the Industry Forward

With the trifecta of financial pressure for buildings to decarbonize — penalty-driven regulations, investor and leadership expectations, and tenant demands — the CRE industry needs industry leaders like you to guide the industry forward towards a sustainable future that is business-smart. 

Join the biggest names in real estate and become an industry leader, with Cortex as your long-term decarbonization partner.

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How It Works

Our platform securely processes thousands of building operation data points to empower your engineers with real-time recommendations and insight and provide you with easy access to live updates on your carbon reduction progress.

A Decarbonization Platform Built for Your Portfolio

“The sustainability and economic benefits are shockingly large.”

– Nick Bienstock, Managing Partner of Savanna

Savanna, a series of real estate investment funds with millions of square feet throughout New York City, piloted Cortex in a single building with the goal to:

  • Reduce their carbon impact
  • Meet the increasing demand from investors
  • Improve GRESB scores
  • Make progress towards Local Law 97 standards
  • Increase asset value

After piloting our platform in this first building, Savanna saw savings of over $250K in operating expenses, an increased asset value of $5M, and improvements to their environmental impact.

Once Savanna saw Cortex quickly deliver on these goals, Managing Partner Nick Bienstock decided to incorporate the Cortex platform across Savanna’s portfolio, creating not only a more sustainable portfolio, but a more valuable one. He realized that, while Cortex provides value in individual buildings, the real power of Cortex machine-learning platform lies in portfolio-wide acceleration. 

To date, Cortex has supported Savanna across their portfolio in improvements in ESG performance and over $1.4M in lifetime financial savings.

Your Proud Partner in Improving Your GRESB Scores

Our Cortex Community

More than 95% of Cortex clients believe in our mission and have successfully made massive strides towards the decarbonization of their portfolios – and they renew their subscription year after year.

The Cortex installation and customer success teams did a flawless job getting the system up and running in one of the most demanding environments in the industry. Early results are both positive and promising.

Paul Rode

Head of US Engineering at Tishman Speyer

Not only have we found Cortex to be extremely cost effective, but its environmental and sustainability benefits are also shockingly large. Having Cortex in place at our properties certainly gives us a valuable jump start as far as the steps we need to take to meet the new emissions requirements in New York.

Nick Bienstock


Cortex is poised to change the game for commercial building operators and the climate industry in general. I could not be more proud or excited to be supporting the Cortex team in that journey.

Dan Malven

4490 Ventures Managing Director

Building Analytics capabilities like Cortex are a powerful complement to broader sustainability strategies. The software provides immediate efficiency gains by helping engineers more precisely manage existing equipment and provides actionable insights that are very easy for building engineers to implement, resulting in measurable savings.

Dana Robins Schneider

a Senior Vice President at Empire State Realty Trust

Complimentary Tenant Marketing + Engagement Services

Cortex recently launched our Tenant + Stakeholder Engagement program. This program is a complimentary Cortex customer service that arms your buildings with marketing materials, helping you:

  • Attract and retain high-value tenants who want to work in sustainable spaces by communicating sustainability efforts
  • Engage and empower tenants to join your efforts by operating more efficiently in their own spaces, helping you make further progress towards your goals
  • Showcasing the important progress you make towards ESG initiatives to your stakeholders — such as your employees, investors, and community

Decarbonization is a long process, and Cortex is here to be your partner through it all, helping you accelerate your progress in any way we can. By engaging your tenants, you get the accolades you deserve, and the community benefits from more sustainable living.

Building Decarbonization: How Cortex Stacks Up

Decarbonization is a complex journey, and with so many options promising so many savings, navigating what to prioritize is overwhelming. We’ll break it down for you — here’s how we stand out and why Cortex is the partner you need for your decarbonization journey.

Impactful Insights Powered by Top-of-Class Data

We are able to provide the most impactful and unique recommendations and reporting visualizations across your portfolio through our rich data sources — including BMS data, meter data, daily and hyper-localized weather information, asset specific context, and more.

Intuitive Platform that Customers Love to Use

Our platform’s design is informed by behavioral science and research into engineers and building owners in some of North America’s most iconic buildings. Cortex customers use our software more than 5 times a day on average.

Real-time Recommendations When They Matter Most

Our machine learning capabilities provide real-time, predictive operating recommendations at the exact time it matters most. While most vendors only look at historical data to provide retroactive suggestions to increase future efficiencies, our platform processes data streams in real time. 

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