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Used in over 45M sq ft of office buildings, Cortex provides you with the energy insights you need to make meaningful progress towards your ESG goals, deliver operational excellence, increase your asset value, and cut costs.

What drives us

Founded in 2014, for over ten years, we’ve focused on using data and data science to transform how buildings operate. But it’s our vision and mission that have always paved the way. Our vision is to preserve the planet by helping commercial real estate be more sustainable in a way that makes business sense.

We have a deep understanding of commercial real estate

Drawing from over a decade of energy-tech expertise and a family legacy in commercial real estate development, Cortex’s founder, Bryan Bennett, pinpointed a crucial gap: building engineers lack the necessary guidance to advance their company’s energy efficiency and emissions goals. In response, he launched Cortex Building Intelligence in 2014, dedicated to equipping teams with tools they’ll actually use and enabling them to drive the energy efficiency portfolios are looking for.

Key Stats


sq ft of Class A & B CRE deployments


metric tons of CO2e reduced in 2023

10 yrs

delivering cost and carbon reduction

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We’re a company of people obsessed with energy

We live and breathe energy. For more than ten years, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with real estate teams to build a solution around the way you work – how your buildings run, how you communicate between teams, and what you need to report on. Explore our solutions for:

The Cortex Energy Insights solution

Amid increasing pressure from investors, tenants, and regulators meeting sustainability targets is paramount. However, teams often grapple with fragmented data and disparate goals. Cortex simplifies this by bringing all your energy data into a single solution. No matter your role, you’ll have access and insight into what’s happening in your buildings.

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