Dedication to Our Mission and the Planet

Cortex’s mission is to preserve the planet by using machine learning software to accelerate the decarbonization of the built environment.

Join us in our mission by getting a custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio and serve as a crucial part of the sustainable future.

Cortex’s History

We started Cortex with the goal of reducing the carbon impact of commercial buildings by creating the fastest and lowest-cost path to decarbonize buildings.

Cortex was founded in 2014 by our CEO Bryan Bennett, after he realized the need for commercial buildings to run more sustainably. He grew up around the CRE industry, as his family has a history of developing commercial real estate. When working as a consultant in the energy technology space, Bryan began to understand the many data points that buildings could use to create more sustainable building operations. After realizing that he could put this data to use, Bryan dedicated his career to developing Cortex. He continues to grow with our team and develop new features within the app to better support our customers.

We currently have over 30 talented people on our team, with a majority of our team working remotely across the country (mostly in the New York, Boston, and Washington D.C. areas) and a handful at our headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. 

At Cortex, we are dedicated to hiring driven, diverse individuals who want to help us fulfill our mission and preserve our planet.

8 Years

Working to Decarbonize


Square Feet Covered

Across North America


Metric Tons of CO2e

Reduced per Year



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