Make your sustainability goals a reality

Effectively manage and improve your portfolio’s energy use with accurate, complete energy data that drives action.

Level up your energy efficiency projects

You’re already on the path to decarbonization. Cortex can help you move sustainability initiatives forward, with more certainty and less risk using your existing building teams and data.

Drive operational efficiency
Equip your building engineers with AI-driven analytics and granular energy recommendations to boost energy efficiency.

Eliminate data silos
Get rid of isolated data sources, so you can pinpoint energy efficiency opportunities and understand the impact of initiatives across your portfolio.

Manage risk
Meet investor expectations, drive tenant marketability, and address regulatory requirements.

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Trusted by sustainability leaders

“Building Analytics capabilities like Cortex are a powerful complement to broader sustainability strategies. The software provides immediate efficiency gains by helping engineers more precisely manage existing equipment and provides actionable insights that are very easy for building engineers to implement, resulting in measurable savings.”

Dana Schneider

Senior Vice President, Director of Energy, Sustainability & ESG, ESRT

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Seize energy savings

Cross the implementation chasm. Empower the teams who can change how your buildings use energy—your operating engineers—with actionable intelligence.

Cortex enables you to:

Lower energy costs through operational excellence, no capex needed.

Identify and act on low-cost/no-cost energy efficiencies.

Put actionable energy recommendations in the hands of building teams.

“Your energy platform is only as good as your engineer thinks it is”

– Director of Sustainability

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Break down data silos

Dynamically track the impact of your energy efficiency initiatives with real-time energy data from a wide range of sources, in a single spot.

Using Cortex allows you to:

Efficiently capture energy data from utility bills, interval data, BMS, IOT sensors, and more.

Take the guesswork out of variance reporting.

Compare the performance of buildings across your portfolio.

Translate between cost, carbon, and intensity metrics to prove impact.

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Meet sustainability reporting requirements

Tenants, investors, and regulators are demanding results. Set targets, track progress, and meet regulatory requirements with reliable energy and emissions data.

With our data-driven platform, you can:

Create comprehensive reports and charts on energy use, cost, carbon emissions, savings, and more that align with your KPIs and reporting needs.

Seamlessly export data to meet external reporting requirements like Energy Star and GRESB.

Easily track and share data that supports compliance with LL97, BERDO, and SB 253 requirements.

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Built for sustainability leaders and their teams

Empower your teams

People are the heart of real estate. Give them a platform that works the way they do.

Focus on predictive data

Harness your buildings’ real-time, proprietary data to achieve your sustainability goals.

Spur action

Give your team actionable energy insights, in the moment they need it.

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Cortex FAQs

Absolutely! We understand the importance of complying with existing building performance regulations like LL97, BERDO, and SB 253, as well as preparing for upcoming standards as regulations gain momentum. That’s why we have designed our platform to support your compliance efforts.

Cortex isn’t just about compliance; it’s about excellence and efficiency in managing your building assets. We pinpoint low-cost and no-cost energy reduction opportunities—from optimal start-up/shut-down sequencing to continuous commissioning and demand management. These strategies not only enhance operational efficiency but also cut energy use by 10-20%, reducing both carbon emissions and costs. With Cortex, you’re set up to drive operational excellence and meet regulatory requirements.

Yes, we will help you navigate incentive programs like ConEd’s RTEM program and NYSERDA’s RTEM + Tenant 1.0 program wherever they’re available. These programs can help offset the costs associated with reducing carbon emissions. This makes it even easier for you to meet your carbon reduction targets and regulatory obligations.

Cortex not only drives sustainable change but also makes sure that these wins can be effectively communicated to investors. Automated monthly reports on usage, costs, and energy savings, along with executive summaries showcasing your long-term savings trends are accessible anytime through the Cortex dashboard. The data that drives these reports also meets external reporting requirements like GRESB and Energy Star. Should you need something more specific, our Customer Success team is ready and available to work with you to get the data you need to demonstrate progress.

At Cortex, we believe the best investment in energy management is one that empowers the real change-makers: your building engineers. Cortex delivers real-time, validated recommendations that your team can act on. This puts control directly in the hands of those who manage your building’s energy use.

Drive energy efficiency in your portfolio

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