Take the guesswork out of energy

Do your best work with real-time access to energy information.

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Reduce energy use, effortlessly

Deliver high-performing buildings—without investing in new equipment—by using Cortex to improve visibility into energy use, drive action, and prove the impact of your actions.   

Attract top-tier tenants
Stand out from the crowd with tech-enabled energy efficiency initiatives.

Optimize operational efficiency
Integrate energy efficiency into your daily processes. Give your building team the insights they need to do their best work.

Reduce operating costs
Manage your energy consumption, take the guesswork out of M&V, and demonstrate the impact of energy initiatives.

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Trusted by property managers

“Cortex helps us significantly cut costs. Energy is a good portion of a building’s operating budget so any time you can reduce those costs it affects the NOI for the building.”

Susan Curtis

Senior Real Estate Manager, CBRE for Savanna

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Attract and retain tenants

Make energy a competitive differentiator in the flight to quality. Effectively demonstrate how you’re reducing your carbon footprint and theirs.

Cortex enables you to:

Market your building successfully with external certifications and reporting like LEED, Energy Star, and GRESB.

Visualize your building’s energy use and occupancy trends to get tenant buy-in to efficiency measures.

Lower your tenant’s utility costs.

Easily share energy data with your tenants.

“Public-facing tenants are doing their own evaluations on sustainability. The data from Cortex is readily available for us to share with them.”

– Property Manager

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Operate efficiently

Arm your building engineers with real-time energy insights to fine-tune energy usage and reduce bill spend, all while digitalizing processes.

With Cortex in hand, you can:

Minimize energy waste and maximize savings.

Extend the life of your HVAC equipment.

Capture energy SOPs to operationalize efficiency.

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Improve your bottom line

Easily access bill data and uncover which factors impact your utility costs, consumption, and bottom line.

Cortex‘s data-driven platform lets you:

Take the guesswork out of variance reporting with built-in energy bill analysis.

Know if your energy efficiency initiatives are driving impact with Measurement and Verification (M&V).

Weather and occupancy-normalized baselines help you verify savings.

“Cortex allows me to monitor the building’s financial performance and energy savings closely. I can look at the data on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis to control spend.”

– Property Manager

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Built for property managers and building engineers

Supercharge your team

Empower your building engineers with clear guidelines to boost building efficiency.

Easily access insights

Give your team instant access to energy performance with Cortex’s mobile app, anytime, anywhere.

Partner with experts

Work together with our building analytics and energy management experts to deploy best practices.

Want to learn more?

Dive into our industry insights on commercial real estate, technology, and energy management.

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Cortex FAQs

With our mobile app for energy management, your building team can view and implement energy recommendations from anywhere in the building using the device they have in their hand. User-friendly and easy to navigate, it lets them assess recommendations and, using the ‘push to accept’ feature, modifying the BMS with just one click.

We integrate with over 30 leading brands, including Alerton, Automated Logic, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Tridium, to help you maximize your current systems without extensive new investments.

Cortex automatically collects hundreds of thousands of data points from your BMS, energy meters, and utility bills, to create a precise dynamic profile of your building. We enrich the building data, gathered in 15-minute intervals, with external data like hyperlocal weather and regulatory requirements. Learn more about how our energy insights platform works here.

No. Whether you’re in a new building or an office that has been around for two decades, Cortex can add a layer of intelligence to your current systems without a capital or time-intensive project.

Although Cortex is designed specifically to help building engineers deliver change at the building level, our energy insights are also used by property managers and corporate teams to understand the impact of energy efficiency initiatives, meet sustainability reporting requirements, and remain in compliance with building performance regulations. Whether you’re running the building day-to-day or planning for the next five years, Cortex’s platform can help you break down information silos and demonstrate progress toward your ESG commitments.

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