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Decarbonization and Improved Tenant Satisfaction without Disruption

Our machine-learning platform provides the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient path to improving tenant satisfaction and reducing the energy usage and operating expenses for your office building. Empower your engineers with the real-time recommendations they need to make data-informed decisions that will help you meet your building’s operating goals, maintain tenant comfort, and improve sustainability without the burden of investing in new equipment. Discover how we can help through a free custom plan for your building today.

Improved Financial Performance

Our clients begin recognizing savings from operating and energy costs in a few as six months. Plus, the average client saves 5x their fees for using our platform, with those savings going straight to your bottom line.

Increased Tenant Comfort

Engineers will have the tools to anticipate issues in your building, maintain the right temperatures with the least energy usage possible, and keep tenants happy.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Our data-driven software helps you save energy without needing expensive new hardware or sensors. You’ll be quickly on your way to meeting ESG goals and establishing yourself as a model for others to follow.

Avoid Major Capex Investments

Our platform allows your building to reduce costs and avoid regulatory fines for carbon emissions without having to upgrade equipment or invest capital into an expensive hardware-based sustainability plan. Cortex does the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on maintaining seamless operations.

Save with Recommendations Specific to Your Building

Our machine-learning platform uses the live data from your building to give your engineers and operating teams the recommendations they need to avoid energy peaks and anticipate tenant comfort with ease.


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Improve Financial Performance by Reducing Building Cost and Carbon Emissions

Commercial buildings create 45% of all carbon emissions. Regulators and CRE investors are responding with penalties and investment strategies that could result in millions of dollars in fines and lost investments. This is why we have developed our machine-learning platform — the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective path for your office building to increase asset value, reach your sustainability goals, and reduce operation costs.

Attract and Retain Higher-Paying Tenants with a More Sustainable Building

Tenants are increasingly adamant about prioritizing business with companies that care about the planet. This means that decarbonization and energy reduction don’t just reduce costs – they can actually help you stand out amongst the crowd and get higher-paying tenants in your doors and keep your most valuable tenants in-house for years to come. When you deploy Cortex in your building, we’ll help you reach the sustainability goals that matter to the tenants that matter most to you.

Our Cortex Community

Approximately 95% of Cortex clients believe in our mission and recognize the value of our platform – and renew their subscription year after year.

The Cortex installation and customer success teams did a flawless job getting the system up and running in one of the most demanding environments in the industry. Early results are both positive and promising.

Paul Rode

Head of US Engineering at Tishman Speyer

Not only have we found Cortex to be extremely cost effective, but its environmental and sustainability benefits are also shockingly large. Having Cortex in place at our properties certainly gives us a valuable jump start as far as the steps we need to take to meet the new emissions requirements in New York.

Nick Bienstock


Cortex is poised to change the game for commercial building operators and the climate industry in general. I could not be more proud or excited to be supporting the Cortex team in that journey.

Dan Malven

4490 Ventures Managing Director

Building Analytics capabilities like Cortex are a powerful complement to broader sustainability strategies. The software provides immediate efficiency gains by helping engineers more precisely manage existing equipment and provides actionable insights that are very easy for building engineers to implement, resulting in measurable savings.

Dana Robins Schneider

a Senior Vice President at Empire State Realty Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Cortex Need for Onboarding?

Cortex has a streamlined integration process that requires access to several different systems. We look at your utility billing platform, utility meters (electric, natural gas, steam, etc.), and your Building Management System to gather the data we need to provide you with the most useful and accurate insights for your buildings.

What Insight Does Cortex Provide that Competitors Don’t?

Cortex is a holistic solution that provides insights derived from interval meter data, local weather data, building management system (equipment) data and historical utility consumption. Our machine-learning and artificial intelligence algorithms process real-time data to deliver detailed operational insights that competitors do not. We constantly learn usage patterns of your building to better understand how to reduce energy consumption while maintaining tenant comfort. Cortex provides real-time YTD savings as well as projected savings on an annualized basis to help show the impact of our recommendations.

How Can Cortex Help Me Ensure Tenant Comfort?

Your buildings systems provide thousands of data points that are unused. Our platform gives your building operations access to that data, and makes real-time recommendations to keep floors the right temperature for tenants while reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain that temperature. If there is a problem with one of your sensors, Cortex can help your engineers identify the problem before tenants complain.

Do We Need to Purchase Additional Sensors or Replace Any of Our Existing HVAC Equipment?

No, there is no requirement to upgrade your equipment and no need to invest in any additional sensors. We have spent nearly a decade building a platform that learns the intricacies of your existing equipment in order to empower your engineers with the insight and recommendations they need to get the most out of the equipment you already have. This means no disrupting operations, and no huge capital investments for new equipment, hardware, or sensors required.

Does Cortex Control or Automate Anything in My Building?

Our platform is not an automation tool. We believe that building engineers are at the heart of building operations, which is why our goal is to provide your engineers with the data they need to make smart, energy-efficient, and tenant pleasing decisions every day. You and your operations team know your building best, so our platform puts the power of informed decisions in your hands.

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