Cortex Releases its Annual Sustainability Report with 2024 Predictions for the CRE Industry & Reflections on 2023 Milestones 


The key findings in the report highlight the decarbonization drivers in CRE, the …

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence Revolutionizes Decarbonization with Groundbreaking Automation Features for its Platform


Nashville, Tennessee, September 11, 2023 – Cortex Sustainability Intelligence, an industry-leading AI-powered decarbonization …

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AI Is Key to Hitting ESG Targets for Commercial Real Estate

May 13, 2024

While artificial intelligence (AI) has only recently captured our collective imagination, it comes at a fortuitous time for commercial real estate. CRE owners have access to mountains of data that can be harnessed by machine learning and AI to bridge the gap between intent and action.

Tangent 💚 Proptech Podcast: Sustainability & Economic Benefits from Decarbonizing Real Estate

May 8, 2024

Lisa Rockefeller is the Chief Revenue Officer at Cortex Sustainability Intelligence discusses the real estate decarbonization problem with Tangent.

Digitalization Strategies are Key for CRE to Meet Sustainability Targets

April 15, 2024

Real-time, digital collaboration among teams will improve operations and realize reductions in cost, carbon, and energy.

Decarbonization will require urgency, technology, investments in 2024

Jan 30, 2024

Facilities managers are turning to energy efficiency assessments and leveraging digital tools to navigate cost concerns and mounting pressures to reduce energy use and emissions.

Tech Nest: The Proptech Podcast – Decarbonization in Commercial Real Estate with Owen Glubiak, Cortex Sustainability

Jan 15, 2024

Owen Glubiak discusses decarbonization in commercial real estate. From the challenges and pressures faced by the industry to the role of AI in optimizing building performance, and the importance of tenant comfort. 

Emissions compliance period begins for NYC’s Local Law 97

Jan 3, 2024

Even though 89% of covered buildings are set to meet 2024 emissions targets, facilities managers must act promptly to achieve 2030 goals, experts say.

Cortex’s Annual Sustainability Report Tells Us What to Expect for CRE in 2024

Dec 21, 2023

Cortex’s report discoveries underscore the decarbonization factors in CRE, the measuring and reporting challenges of ESG, and the imperative for profitable decarbonization approaches as we move into the new year.

To be truly net-zero, buildings must buy 100% renewable energy, global council says

Dec 18, 2023

A globally consistent definition of net-zero buildings is needed, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development says, while market commentators decry carbon compliance ambiguities.

Reporting and Decarbonization Remain Important Sustainability Issues

Dec 15, 2023

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence’s Year-End Review and 2024 Predictions highlighted three significant themes impacting ESG now and into 2024, as shared by commercial real estate experts nationwide.

Importance of Reporting and Decarbonization in Sustainability

Dec 15, 2023

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence’s Year-End Review and 2024 Predictions highlighted three key themes impacting ESG currently and in the future according to experts in commercial real estate across the nation.

Cortex finalizes sustainability report

Dec 13, 2023

Nashville’s Cortex Sustainability Intelligence, a decarbonization platform targeting the commercial real estate industry, has released its annual CRE Sustainability Trends report noting 2023 saw “significant strides” in decarbonization and the pursuit of sustainable profitability.

Commercial real estate to face mounting emissions reduction pressures in 2024: Cortex

Dec 12, 2023

CRE owners and facilities staff will need to brace themselves to meet sustainability demands from investors, tenants and regulatory bodies, a new report says.

Cortex Annual Sustainability Report: 2024 Predictions for the CRE Industry & Reflections on 2023 Milestones

Dec 12, 2023

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence, an industry-leading decarbonization platform tailored for commercial real estate, has released its annual CRE Sustainability Trends report.

What’s next for sustainability in commercial real estate?

Dec 12, 2023

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence released its annual CRE Sustainability Trends report that sheds light on pivotal factors shaping sustainability in commercial real estate, with a specific spotlight on the office asset class.

Cortex Releases its Annual Sustainability Report with 2024 Predictions for the CRE Industry & Reflections on 2023 Milestones

Dec 12, 2023

The key findings in the report highlight the decarbonization drivers in CRE, the ESG measurement and reporting challenges ahead, and the need for profitable decarbonization.

Harnessing smart energy retrofits and AI to decarbonize existing office structures

Oct 24, 2023

The intersection of smart energy retrofits and AI as the quest for sustainable commercial real estate continues.

Cortex Unveils Automation Feature for its Building Decarbonization Platform

Sept 15, 2023

Cortex Push is an AI-enabled automation tool aimed at driving daily operations from Cortex to improve energy efficiency and cut carbon emissions.

Cortex Rolls Out BMS Automation Features for its Platform

Sept 13, 2023

The system can let users review, schedule, and implement changes to their building management system.

Q&A with Christina Clark, Senior Customer Success Manager at Cortex

Aug 23, 2023

Christina Clark, Senior Customer Success Manager at Cortex, details her experience helping customers overcome their building decarbonization challenges.

CRE Leaders Anticipate Sustainability Trends for 2023

Jan 27, 2023

Penalty-driven regulations, investor expectations, and tenant demands put pressure on the CRE industry to decarbonize.

Powering a Greener Future

Oct 24, 2022

A closer look at the state of sustainability in 2022.

3 Things To Watch For With CRE Carbon Reduction

May 19, 2022

Climate issues aren’t going away, especially in commercial real estate, where many eyes are on the impact of buildings’ carbon footprints.

Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Experts Release Guide for Building Decarbonization Strategies

May 17, 2022

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence has released a guide to enable CRE leaders to make more informed decarbonization decisions.

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence Announces New Advisory Board of Commercial Real Estate Experts

April 27, 2022

The development of Cortex’s new advisory board demonstrates growing industry investment in building decarbonization.

Sustainability And Commercial Real Estate: Four Predictions For 2022

Feb 16, 2022

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence has released its official report detailing four pressing predictions for sustainability in commercial real estate in 2022.

Cortex Announces $6M Series A Round to Bring Commercial Real Estate into a Sustainable Future

May 2021

Cortex, the Building Analytics software company, has closed a $6M Series A round, led by 4490 Ventures. Cortex has raised $11M in total funding to-date.

Cortex Intel Raises $6M Series A To Decarbonate Buildings

May 12, 2021

Building analytics software company Cortex Intel has raised $6 million in a Series A round led by 4490 Ventures.

Inside the Empire State Building’s Energy Transformation

July 10, 2020

Some buildings transcend their physical structure. They inhabit a spot in our minds just as concrete as the foundations poured underneath them. It is impossible to think about these iconic buildings without conjuring up memories. The Empire State building is one of these icons.

Cortex Sees Major Surge in Demand for Services After Climate Mobilization Act, With 7.7 Million SF of New Activity

July 8, 2019

Cortex, the leader in Building Analytics software, is seeing a major uptick in demand for its product, which provides office building owners with an immediate head start on compliance with the Climate Mobilization Act by delivering a 5-20% reduction in energy consumption with no capital expenditure.

Empire State Building Uses Cortex to Create 800K Per Year in Savings

Feb 7, 2018

The Empire State Building, assisted by JLL, is continuing to lead innovation by harnessing a mobile app provided by Cortex Sustainability Intelligence to track and control energy consumption at the property.

Yes, You Can Start a Business and Have a Baby at the Same Time

Dec 13, 2017

Bryan Bennett also emphasized the benefits of family-friendly policies to his talent strategy. He’s the founder of Washington, DC-based Cortex, a SAAS startup offering technical solutions which, though monitoring and analysis, save office buildings energy and money.

Why More Real Estate Companies Are Getting Into The Tech Game

Nov 9, 2017

Last year, developer Savanna employed Cortex Intel, which provides building engineers with an app that helps them operate complex HVAC systems more efficiently, at 110 William Street. This helped the developer reduce annual operating costs by $250,000, according to a Savanna release. Now the developer is looking for further tech opportunities.

Sidewalk Labs: Building Better Energy Software

Dec 13, 2017

As part of our Sidewalk Talk Idea Tour on Energy Efficient Neighborhoods (12/13/17), Bryan Bennett, the founder and CEO of Cortex, an app that applies machine-learning algorithms to Building Management Systems and meter data, addressed the lessons he’s learned creating an accessible interface that makes commercial building data manageable, and actionable, for operators.

Cortex Intel App Boosts Sustainability In Prominent Office Buildings

Oct 19, 2017

The Woolworth Building, 110 William Street and 277 Park Avenue use the mobile app to reduce energy consumption and to save money.

Cortex Intel Mobile App Delivers Millions in Value and Big Sustainability Gains for 277 Park Avenue, The Woolworth Building, and 110 William Street

Oct 18, 2017

Mobile app for engineers sharply reduces operating costs, improves sustainability and tenant service by enabling real-time, data-based decisions for building systems.

Cortex Intel deploys mobile app to New York office properties, boosts asset value by millions

Oct 20, 2017

Cortex Intel’s mobile app for building engineers has been fully deployed nationally Oct. 18 and is now being used across 10 million sq. ft. of office property in New York City

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