Cortex Building Intelligence Announces Name Change to “Cortex Sustainability Intelligence”

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Cortex has rebranded to reflect the fastest and lowest cost path to decarbonizing office buildings across North America

Nashville, TN: Cortex Building Intelligence has announced that they have rebranded, changing their business name to “Cortex Sustainability Intelligence.”

Signifying the necessity of using data-driven technology to achieve affordably sustainable operations in large office buildings, Cortex has selected a name that best represents their mission to provide the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost path to make meaningful, long-term strides towards decarbonization. 

When discussing the motivation behind changing the name, founder and CEO, Bryan Bennett, said, “As we’ve grown, so has our conviction in the massive opportunity to transform how office buildings approach decarbonization by applying machine learning software to underutilized data sets – in a way that also makes good business sense. Our new name is truly the best representation of that conviction.”

Buildings Account for 28% of Global Carbon Emissions – Cortex is on a Mission to Change That.

Despite buildings being responsible for nearly 28% of global carbon emissions (Source: International Energy Agency), until now, reaching net zero in commercial real estate has been considered so costly and convoluted that it wasn’t seen as a realistic option. Cortex Sustainability Intelligence is on a mission to change that.

“We are laser-focused on directing our capabilities and ambitions squarely on delivering a sustainability intelligence solution that not only makes it easier and faster for an office building to decarbonize, but one that also benefits the bottom line for these businesses,” said Bennett. 

Cortex customers see an average of 11% in annualized energy savings, and utilizing the platform requires no costly investments in new equipment. Additionally, most customers see 100% payback within just three to six months and save an average of 2–5x their Cortex fee.

“As within every other industry, the winners in the CRE market will be those that use data for competitive advantage before their competitors do. Cortex clients are embracing our data-driven sustainability-first platform and using it to make decisions at every level, beginning with an easy-to-use solution for building engineers to operate their HVAC systems to multiple other use cases beyond that,” said Dan Malven, Managing Director of 4490 Ventures. 

Following a successful series A raise led by 4490 Ventures in May 2021, Cortex, armed with its new branding, is expanding both its team and its product capabilities to further its mission of decarbonizing North America’s office buildings. 

About Cortex Sustainability Intelligence:

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence provides the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective path to decarbonize large office buildings. The machine learning platform enables CRE professionals to more easily meet sustainability goals while reducing operating expenses and increasing asset value without the need to invest in new, costly equipment or hardware. To learn more about Cortex or to get a custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio, please visit:

For more information, please contact Alyssa Jean at

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