REPORT: 4 CRE Sustainability Predictions for 2022

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The CRE industry is facing growing internal and external pressure from investors, owners, tenants, and stakeholders alike to create smart business strategies to reach substantial sustainability goals that, historically, have been incredibly costly, disruptive, and challenging to achieve.

To help you make the smartest decisions for your decarbonization initiatives this year, we’ve released a report that will provide you with the four most pressing predictions for CRE sustainability that may impact your business this year.

When you download the “4 CRE Sustainability Predictions for 2022” report, you’ll receive:

  • Four comprehensive predictions of the most pressing changes in decarbonization that’ll affect the way the CRE industry does business in 2022
  • Expert insight provided by industry leaders from organizations like Vanbarton Group, Savanna, Kastle Systems, Raith Capital Partners, CREtech, and more
  • Actionable insights and recommendations that will help prepare you to make strategic, cost-effective strides in the decarbonization of your buildings

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