GUIDE: How to Evaluate Popular Office Building Decarbonization Methods

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It’s no secret that there is growing pressure — from investors, regulators, and tenants— for the commercial real estate industry to decarbonize. This is easier said than done, and the decarbonization journey is anything but simple. CRE leaders across North America are struggling to find guidance in deciding on the “right” initiatives to successfully decarbonize their office buildings.

In this report, we break down some of the most commonly used decarbonization methods to help you understand and prioritize your ESG strategy.

When you download the “How to Evaluate Popular Office Building Decarbonization Methods” guide, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive break down of four of the most common decarbonization initiatives CRE leaders are using today, based on their
    • Effectiveness in energy reduction
    • Time to realize savings
    • Disruption to ongoing operations and tenants
  • Context that will help you prioritize each method so that you are staying on track with the unique demands of your company’s ESG goals, regulations, and investor demands
  • Expert-backed insight collected from reports or interviews with Urban Green Council, New York Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, and Savanna Fund

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