Commercial Real Estate Sustainability Experts Release Guide for Building Decarbonization Strategies


Cortex Sustainability Intelligence has released a guide to enable CRE leaders to make more informed decarbonization decisions

Nashville, Tennessee, May 17, 2022: Cortex Sustainability Intelligence has released its official report detailing four pressing predictions for sustainability in commercial real estate in 2022.

The guide, developed by the decarbonization experts behind the sustainability intelligence platform currently serving Empire State Realty Trust, JLL, RXR Realty, and more, offers insight to not only help CRE leaders determine which decarbonization methods to implement in their office buildings, but how to prioritize initiatives based on their sustainability and financial goals. 

“Navigating building sustainability methods has never been more complex, but it has never been more vital if the CRE industry hopes to make a positive impact on the planet while meeting local and state regulations that begin as soon as 2025,” said Bryan Bennett, founder and CEO of Cortex. “With the visibility our company has through our data platform in some of the most sustainable CRE buildings in North America, we knew we had a unique opportunity and responsibility to provide more context for CRE leaders. The goal is for this guide to help inform our industry so we can all make smarter strides towards decarbonization while still making good business sense.”

Decarbonization in CRE Is Not an Either/Or; It Is About Prioritization

As a part of Cortex’s goal in making the challenge of decarbonizing office buildings a more manageable feat to conquer, this guide provides a breakdown of:

  • The effectiveness of each carbon reduction methods
  • The time to realize savings
  • Disruption to ongoing operations and tenants

But, with building decarbonization, every initiative is important as buildings strive towards Net Zero goals and deadlines. To help provide the most useful aid in this decision process, this report focuses on providing context on how CRE can strategically prioritize their initiatives in a way that reduces the most amount of environmental impact without breaking their ESG budgets.

How to Download the “How to Evaluate Popular Office Building Decarbonization Methods” Guide

Download your own copy of Cortex’s “Guide: How to Evaluate Popular Office Building Decarbonization Methods.”

About Cortex Sustainability Intelligence

Cortex Sustainability Intelligence provides the fastest and lowest-cost path towards the decarbonization of large office buildings. The machine-learning platform enables CRE professionals to more easily meet sustainability goals while reducing operating expenses and increasing asset value without the need to invest in new, costly equipment or hardware. To learn more about Cortex or to get a custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio, please visit:

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