Joseph Werner

Joseph, or Joey, has spent his career at the intersection of buildings and energy. From utility consulting to selling in-house solutions for commercial energy efficiency, ... Read more

Nate Hill

Nate is an engineer who is driven to leverage the latest technologies to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals. Prior to Cortex, he led integration ... Read more

Ian Ross

Ian is a seasoned sales professional with 10 years of experience managing large organizations’ energy expenses and decarbonizing their operations. Ian was formerly at Enel X ... Read more

Nathan Allen

Nathan is a Texas native now based in the heart of Music City. As a graduate of NOLS, he has an acumen for leadership and ... Read more

Tanvi Skiba

Tanvi brings her passion for organization and detail skillset to the Cortex team.  Her background includes structural engineering and project management for the federal government. ... Read more

Patrick Grogan

Patrick is an accomplished sales professional with 10+ years experience helping organizations take advantage of renewable & advanced energy solutions, including: demand response, cogeneration, biomass, ... Read more

Christina Clark

Christina joins the Cortex Customer Success team with a decade of experience in the energy industry. Most recently, Christina held sales and account management roles ... Read more

Michael John

Michael joins Cortex with 12+ years of experience in the energy industry, driving innovative solutions that bridge the technical and operational challenges of energy management ... Read more

Kati Mead

Kati brings her passion and dedication to helping others to the Cortex team. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2020 where she studied Supply ... Read more

Owen Glubiak

Owen has spent his career in energy, technology, and customer success, which makes him an ideal leader of the customer success team at Cortex.  He is ... Read more

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