Bryan Bennett

CEO & Founder

Bryan Bennett is leading a transformation in commercial real estate (CRE) by applying AI to large data sets. Bryan’s focus is on supporting CRE’s growing decarbonization demands through a platform that’s profitable and simple for CRE owners, purpose built for their needs. This stems from Bryan’s experience within CRE, where his family has operated for over 40 years, along with 10 years of Management Consulting experience advising some of the most sophisticated utilities on Smart Grid technologies.

After graduating from Brown University in 2005, Bryan held positions at CEB and Katzenbach Partners before joining Booz & Company in 2009. It was there that he identified the potential to use data from office buildings’ central hubs to create actionable suggestions to reduce daily energy consumption. 

When he’s not working on Cortex, he’s chasing around two rambunctious boys with his wife.

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