Savanna Fund partners with Cortex to improve building performance

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Savanna uses Cortex to improve building performance

Portfolio Case Study

4 Properties
2,300,000 Square Feet
Carbon & Expense Reduction

Savanna uses real-time building-level insights to elevate operational efficiency, drive team alignment, and reduce the carbon footprint of its assets, improving building performance.

The challenge

Savanna Fund, a leading vertically integrated real estate manager, needed a platform to support their proactive stance on sustainability – especially in the area of energy management. Facing investor, tenant, and regulatory pressure, it was imperative they connect their teams, demonstrate operational efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and continue to align with industry-leading benchmarks like GRESB.

The solution

In its search for best-in-class software to meet their energy and emissions goals, Savanna discovered Cortex’s energy insights platform. Connecting teams across the company, Cortex allows Savanna to identify and act on real-time energy efficiencies, optimize runtimes, participate in demand response, and demonstrate progress toward their ESG goals.

14% in annual energy savings1
984 metric tons CO2 emissions avoided2
5 STAR GRESB Rating for 3 consecutive years3

The impact

Actionable data: Specific operating recommendations make it easier for building engineers to do their job well and cut energy waste.

Cross-functional visibility: By regularly tracking and monitoring energy usage in a unified platform, teams from asset management to building operations work better together to further reduce energy and emissions and improve building performance.

Persistent improvement: Maintaining their GRESB rating is critical for Savanna. Continuous commissioning through Cortex contributes to their achievement of GRESB 5 STAR rating for three consecutive years.

“Cortex is probably the cheap, easy, actionable first step that every building owner should use to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Nick Bienstock, CEO and Co-founder, Savanna Fund

Improve your buildings’ performance with Cortex today

Take control of your energy outcomes, minimize risk, and protect asset value with Cortex’s energy insight platform. Contact us at to learn more about how Cortex can help your team improve building performance.

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