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Decarbonize your portfolio, save an average of 11% in annualized energy savings, and improve your GRESB scores with our sustainability intelligence platform.


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Reduce Carbon Emissions and Improve ESG Scores Across Your Portfolio

Commercial buildings are responsible for 28% of all carbon emissions — which is even more than the auto industry. Regulators and CRE investors are responding with penalties and investment strategies that could result in millions of dollars in fines and lost investments. This is why Cortex has developed our machine-learning decarbonization platform — the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective path to make massive strides towards the decarbonization of your portfolio, all while improving your GRESB scores and increasing your asset value.

Carbon Regulations May Cost You Millions

CRE investors and state-wide legislation are increasing requirements for commercial buildings to reduce their carbon emissions. New York City and Boston are already implementing their strict carbon reduction legislations, with 20 other major cities across the U.S. predicted to shortly follow in their wake. Cortex helps you reduce carbon emissions, improve sustainability scores, meet your investors’ goals, and avoid those massive carbon regulation fines. Learn how by getting a free custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio.

Decarbonize Your Portfolio Faster

Make faster and more significant strides towards the decarbonization of your portfolio with our solution that pays for itself in less than six months.

Save 11% in Annualized Energy Usage

Our clients save an average of 11% in annualized energy usage by using Cortex — without the need to invest in costly new equipment.

Improve Your GRESB Scores

Make meaningful improvements to GRESB and other ESG scores by decarbonizing your portfolio with our data-driven technology.

Making Decarbonization a Smart Business Decision

“The sustainability and economic benefits are shockingly large.”

– Nick Bienstock, Managing Partner of Savanna

Savanna, a series of real estate investment funds with millions of square feet throughout New York City, turned to Cortex with the goal of quickly decarbonizing their portfolio to improve GRESB scores, meet the expectations of their investors, increase asset value, and fulfill the requirements of Local Law 97.

After piloting our decarbonization platform in one building, Managing Partner Nick Bienstock quickly recognized that the “sustainability and economic benefits are shockingly large.” Achieving 100% payback in just three months, he also reported that they increased the asset value of the first building Cortex was deployed at by $5M by saving $250K in operating expenses. 

To date, Savanna has rolled Cortex out across their portfolio, resulting in dramatic improvements to their GRESB scores, a 21% in portfolio-wide annualized energy savings, and over $1.4M in lifetime financial savings.

Learn how we can help you achieve the same through a free custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio.

Get a Custom Decarbonization Plan For Your Portfolio

Our clients have achieved an average of 11% in annualized energy savings with 100% payback after using our decarbonization platform for only six months – without investing in costly new equipment or sensors.

Discover how we can help you do the same through a free custom plan developed for your portfolio today.

Your Proud Partner in Improving Your GRESB Scores

Our Cortex Community

More than 95% of Cortex clients believe in our mission and have successfully made massive strides towards the decarbonization of their portfolios – and they renew their subscription year after year.

The Cortex installation and customer success teams did a flawless job getting the system up and running in one of the most demanding environments in the industry. Early results are both positive and promising.

Paul Rode Head of US Engineering at Tishman Speyer

Not only have we found Cortex to be extremely cost effective, but its environmental and sustainability benefits are also shockingly large. Having Cortex in place at our properties certainly gives us a valuable jump start as far as the steps we need to take to meet the new emissions requirements in New York.

Nick Bienstock Savana

Cortex is poised to change the game for commercial building operators and the climate industry in general. I could not be more proud or excited to be supporting the Cortex team in that journey.

Dan Malven 4490 Ventures Managing Director

Building Analytics capabilities like Cortex are a powerful complement to broader sustainability strategies. The software provides immediate efficiency gains by helping engineers more precisely manage existing equipment and provides actionable insights that are very easy for building engineers to implement, resulting in measurable savings.

Dana Robins Schneider a Senior Vice President at Empire State Realty Trust

We’re on a Mission to Save the Planet through Building Decarbonization

We started Cortex with the goal of reducing the carbon impact of commercial buildings. Today, our team is dedicated to eliminating 1TWH of energy use every year. Join us in our mission by getting a custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio, and serve as a crucial part of the sustainable future of CRE.

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We already help our clients reduce over 22.5k tons of carbon each year, but what can Cortex do for you? Find out through a custom decarbonization plan for your portfolio developed by our CRE sustainability experts.