Property Managers

Property Managers

Property Managers leverage Cortex property management software to ensure their buildings perform optimally through various operating conditions (daily weather changes, occupancy changes, equipment upgrades, demand response events, etc.).

Instrumented buildings continuously generate thousands of points of operating data. In addition to the BMS, the meters, utility bills, work ticketing systems, access control systems and weather forecasts all offer important information. The challenge is that even a team of experienced building engineers cannot possibly process and analyze all that information, so much of its value is lost.

Cortex applies machine learning to all of that data. The software learns how your equipment has responded under different conditions in the past and generates real-time operating insights and direction for your engineers.  Operating teams using Cortex dramatically reduce owner operating expense and improve tenant comfort.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce Utility Expense

  • Lower Operating Expense and improve NOI

  • Increase Asset Value

  • Enhance Tenant Comfort – Fewer Space Temperature Complaints

  • Improve Energy Star, LEED and GRESB Ratings

  • Portfolio-Level Visibility Into Key Operating Metrics

  • Weekly Updates on Progress and Savings Opportunities

  • Quarterly Savings Reports Accounting for Weather and Occupancy

  • Tenant Comfort Analysis & Alerts

Quarterly Savings Reports
Every quarter you will receive a detailed savings report quantifying exactly how much your team is saving on the platform.  Cortex clients typically save 5-15% on their annual utility bill and average savings that are 5x what they pay in fees for the service.

Cortex’s new “Heatmap” feature allows building engineers to monitor their entire building’s floor temperature performance throughout the day on a single screen.  Easily see how floor temperatures respond during morning startup, demand response events and manual operating changes.

Tenant Comfort Alert
Receive alerts if temperatures drift outside the target zone or if equipment operating anomalies arise, improving tenant relations and better managing costs.

Customer Success

Watch video to learn more about how the team at 277 Park used Cortex to dramatically reduce utility costs.

We help the Empire State Building team save $800K / year in energy costs
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