Our Team

Bryan Bennett Headshot
Bryan Bennett
CEO & Founder
Zack Nelson Headshot
Zack Nelson
VP of Product Development
Don Kasper Headshot
Don Kasper
VP of Customer Success
Kelly Rake Headshot
Kelly Rake
Director of FP&A
Haris Shafiq Headshot
Haris Shafiq
Head of Product
Anthony Swenson Headshot
Anthony Swenson
Chief of Staff
Rick Balsano Headshot
Rick Balsano
Director, Technical Operations
Guy Kosmin Headshot
Guy Kosmin
Director, Operational Strategies
Claire Luik Headshot
Claire Luik
Director, Customer Success
Dave White Headshot
Dave White
Senior User Experience Designer
Nathan Bakirci Headshot
Nathan Bakirci
Senior Software Engineer
Will Koehrsen
Will Koehrsen
Software Engineering & Data Science
Compton P. Tudor Headshot
Compton P. Tudor
Integrations Engineer
Melak Tamrat Headshot
Melak Tamrat
Integrations Engineer
Jeff Schwane Headshot
Jeff Schwane
Software Engineer
Kristina Trudorudo Headshot
Kristina Trudorudo
Software Engineer
Paul Garrard Headshot
Paul Garrard
Account Executive

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