Interested in joining Cortex?

We pride ourselves on hiring the brightest, most driven individuals for the roles they’re most excited to pursue. We’re committed to growing a diverse team of talent who bring many different skills and points of view to the table. Think you’d be a fit? Email us at We’d love to have you on board!

We are looking for a talented, driven, entrepreneurial-minded leader to serve as Director of Building Operations & Strategies on the Cortex Customer Success team. Customer Success is one of the most critical functions driving growth at Cortex, and our results rely on achieving significant energy savings in each building. You will be a leading expert designing and delivering energy saving strategies for our customers, leveraging our data and analytics platform. Key responsibilities for the position include:

Relentlessly Drive Savings for our Customers

  • Through discussion with building engineers and property managers, and by evaluating BMS and meter trend data visualized within the Cortex platform:
    • Gain an understanding of current HVAC systems and operating practices
    • Identify potential opportunities for energy and cost savings through operational strategies
  • Design HVAC operational strategy testing conditions, approaches, measurements, and analysis frameworks to achieve savings
  • Develop and proactively maintain relationships with contacts at all accounts in the Cortex portfolio.
  • Passionately focus on ensuring existing customers are achieving the maximum value that Cortex can provide.

Inform and Inspire Innovation and Expertise

  • Identify opportunities to deepen the value Cortex solutions can provide for customers.
  • Communicate with the Product team to provide feedback on areas of greatest value and customer need.
  • Educate the team – help drive an environment of continuous learning to “level up” the whole company’s level of expertise in Building O&M

Drive Key Results

  • Contribute to customer engagement, ensuring that we are staying in touch with key contacts at all accounts.
  • Contribute to ensuring that Cortex maintains a 90+% customer renewal rate and 150%+ net dollar retention rate. 


About You

  • You have a deep understanding of large commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and are able to identify and recommend optimal approaches for achieving energy savings while maintaining tenant comfort.
  • You are data-driven by nature: you take a test-driven, quantitative approach to building systems and controls. You embrace analytics, and are excited by data science, machine learning, and new technologies.
  • Academically you may have a degree in mechanical, electrical or environmental engineering. 
  • You may have energy and facilities credentials such as LEED, CEM (Certified Energy Manager), etc.
  • You have a track record of success in fast-paced environments. You hustle and are determined in your pursuits.
  • You are obsessed with customer success and deeply devoted to getting it right and getting it done. 
  • You are able to travel ~20% of the time to meet with current and prospective customers.
  • You are a compassionate cross-team collaborator; you believe that in driving great outcomes with others, 1+1=3.
  • You love to learn and teach, will quickly become an expert in our business and will get customers excited about, and engaged with, our product.
  • You have strong project management, personal time management, and analytical skills, are comfortable with data, and are an excellent communicator, both verbal and written.
  • You can relate to a broad spectrum of people – from front-line to senior management.
  • Ambiguity doesn’t scare you because you know how to take the data at hand and make good decisions with an eye to testing and refining those decisions as you learn more.
  • You have a strong bias for action, are naturally proactive, self-motivated, and passionate about your work. 
  • You’re an entrepreneur at heart and think of the word NO as “Next Option”. You see opportunity everywhere, welcome learning from mistakes, and greet adversity as something to further develop your resilience. 
  • You’re honest and trustworthy; a respected member of the organization who leads by example, and who people enjoy working with. You inspire.



The usual suspects: Competitive compensation/equity, commuter benefits, and access to Medical, HSA and 401k plans. Unlimited paid time off. 


About Cortex

Cortex is built to dramatically improve how buildings operate in order to save clients money while also helping to save the planet. By building a software and machine learning layer overtop highly underutilized and disparate data streams, we can fundamentally improve the sustainability of commercial buildings, the value of those assets, and the experience of occupants inside them. We’ve been able to reduce energy use in some of the most high-profile buildings by up to 15%.

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