Building Engineers

Building Engineers

Cortex provides engineers with far more than real-time energy reporting capabilities. Engineers typically use the Cortex platform 5-10x / day to inform key operating decisions.

Our approach is fundamentally different—we put engineers and their needs first, and we know that means moving with you. With Cortex you know what your building is doing wherever you are.

Cortex is easy to install and simple to use. We handle the complexity for you. The app delivers daily operating insights directly to you and your team. Our platform learns how your systems have responded under different operating conditions in the past, so we can provide real-time support and system recommendations for the future – from startup to shut-down and everything in between.

By combining your knowledge of the building systems and tenant needs, with the data-driven insights from the Cortex platform, you can make meaningful improvements to building performance each day – resulting in significant reductions in utility costs and improvements to key tenant comfort measures.


Key Benefits

  • Understand How your Building Systems are Performing.
  • Clean Dashboard with System Metrics.
  • Integrate 3rd-Party Data Sources (Weather, Humidity, Bills, etc.)
  • Provide Floor Space Temperature Analysis
  • Document and Benchmark Savings
  • Equipment Anomaly Detection and Better Manage Maintenance Schedule
  • Reduce Tenant Hot/Cold Complaints
  • Support Team Development
  • On-call advisory support from the Cortex Customer Success team


Cortex’s new “Heatmap” feature allows building engineers to monitor their entire building’s floor temperature performance throughout the day on a single screen.  Easily see how floor temperatures respond during morning startup, demand response events and manual operating changes.

Demand Alerts
Get notified when you’re about to increase your demand charges, so you can pull back on systems and save thousands.

Real-Time Operating Insights
Know the ideal time to start-up your chiller and fans, based on how your building responded under similar past conditions.  See when equipment is operating outside of its normal schedule.  Receive computer-generated alerts for other energy savings opportunities and advisory support from the Cortex Customer Success team.

Customer Success

Watch video to learn more about how the team at 277 Park used Cortex to dramatically reduce utility costs.

We help the Empire State Building team save $800K / year in energy costs
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