Asset Managers

Asset Managers

Technology continues to reshape all aspects of commercial real estate. The emerging field of Building Analytics provides new ways for owners and operators to increase NOI and Asset Value.

By layering software analytics on top of the many disconnected building data sources (i.e., BMS, meters, occupancy, billing, weather, work orders, tenant complaints, equipment maintenance schedules), it is now possible to operate assets with much greater precision. Cortex works with building engineering teams and provides asset-specific, real-time operating insights and recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Utility Expense
  • Lower CAM & Utility Costs for Tenants
  • Lower Operating Expense and improve NOI
  • Increase Asset Value
  • Enhance Tenant Comfort – Fewer Space Temperature Complaints
  • Improve Energy Star, LEED and GRESB Ratings
  • Portfolio-Level Visibility Into Key Operating Metrics

Quarterly Savings Reports
Every quarter you will receive a detailed savings report quantifying exactly how much your team is saving on the platform.  Cortex clients typically save 5-15% on their annual utility bill and average savings that are 5x what they pay in fees for the service.

Portfolio Level Views of Energy Spend
With Cortex, Asset Managers can see detailed performance data on any of their assets within the application.  See how your buildings are performing compared to similar past days and better manage to key performance targets (reduced peak demand charges, increased demand response revenue, improved sustainability scores, etc.).

Customer Success

Watch video to see how Cortex helped Savanna increase the value of a single asset by more than $5M in just one year.

We help the Empire State Building team save $800K / year in energy costs
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